Revolutionizing Content Creation: Contentful’s Live Preview is Changing the Game

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In the digital world, developers and content administrators encounter the challenge of making adjustments without being able to visualize them in real-time before implementing updates in production. To address this need, Contentful hhas introduced the feature: Live Preview, which allows editors to interact with content and preview changes on the website immediately. This functionality not only significantly improves efficiency and accuracy in content creation but also serves as a direct bridge between conceptualization and delivery, ensuring that creators and marketing strategists can iterate and optimize without delay.

Aplyca, as a Contentful partner, can help you make the most of this function that is changing the way content and development teams collaborate.

The importance of real-time previsualization

The ability to see how changes affect the design and structure of a website in real time before publishing them is essential to simplify the work of editors. With Contentful Live Preview, editors can see how their changes affect the website in real time, without having to leave the editing interface. This allows for informed decisions about changes before implementing them, avoiding risks and potential problems.

Contentful - Live Preview

Other Advantages of Contentful's Live Preview

Real-time preview offers several advantages for editors, including:

  • Greater efficiency: editors can make changes with confidence, knowing how they will look on the website. This saves them time and effort, as they don't have to conduct tests or wait for changes to be published.

  • Better quality: editors can detect potential issues before they are published, which helps improve the quality of the website.

  • Greater collaboration: editors can easily share their changes with other team members, facilitating collaboration and decision-making.

Key Features of Contentful's Live Preview

Contentful has integrated real-time preview into its CMS, allowing editorial teams to visualize changes instantly before publication. The key features include:

  • Instant visualization: changes are reflected in real-time without the need to publish the content, allowing for agile editing.

  • True context: content is displayed in the exact context of how it will appear on the final site or application.

  • Smooth integration: compatible with multiple frameworks and technologies, facilitating incorporation into existing workflows.

  • Ease of use: intuitive interface requiring minimal training for editorial teams.

  • Real-time collaboration: facilitates collaboration between designers, developers, and writers.

  • Use of the inspector: this tool makes editing and previewing adjustments easier because editors can make their changes without having to rely on developers, streamlining the work.

  • Multimedia and multi-device preview: this feature allows editors to see how content will be displayed in different formats and devices, ensuring a consistent and optimized user experience across all platforms and media, which is essential for a modern and effective content strategy.

Feature Comparison

Traditional Preview 

Contentful's Live Preview


Slow, with necessary reloads

Instantaneous, no waiting


Often inaccurate

Accurate representation


Sequential and fragmented 

Dynamic and simultaneous


May require technical knowledge

Intuitive and accessible

Impact on Marketing Strategy

The implementation of the Live Preview functionality in a CMS like Contentful can transform marketing strategy in the following ways:

  • Reduced time to market: the ability to make adjustments in real time drastically reduces review and publication time.

  • Increased content quality: by being able to visualize content in its final context, teams can optimize text, design, and UX before publication.

  • Experimentation and A/B Testing: Live Preview allows marketing teams to conduct live tests without altering the current user experience.

  • Efficient collaboration: improves coordination between teams, resulting in more cohesive and effective marketing campaigns.

  • Immediate feedback: teams can obtain and act on feedback in real-time, invaluable for agile campaigns.

Available for Old or New Websites

Live Preview is available for both new sites supported on Contentful's CMS and older versions, ensuring that site security and stability are not compromised.

Security configurations are designed so that changes in the preview environment do not affect the integrity of the published content, thus offering a safe space for experimentation and adjustment.

How to Set Up Contentful's Live Preview

The implementation process has been simplified to make the transition as non-intrusive as possible:

  • No code changes: no need to rewrite existing code as Live Preview integrates seamlessly with any website built on Contentful using the React.js framework. Live Preview works with JavaScript and has optimized integration for any React.js framework, such as Next.js.

  • Custom configuration: configurations can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each organization, meaning control remains firmly in the hands of the development team.



Previewer and editor

No additional development required

Real-time updates

Additional development required

Inspector mode

Additional development required

The implementation details can be found in this link on the Contentful page.

To tap into the full potential of Contentful's Live Preview, the expertise of a specialized partner is paramount. Here at Aplyca, we've successfully rolled out this feature for a diverse clientele over the past few months. The outcomes are clear-cut: we've seen a marked enhancement in editorial nimbleness and a significant uptick in client satisfaction.

Aplyca: Your Partner to Empower Contentful

The integration of advanced tools like Contentful Live Preview is just the beginning. To fully leverage these technologies, organizations need a technological partner that understands both the infrastructure and content strategy. Aplyca specializes in implementing CMS solutions that empower editorial teams in the digital age. With our experience and personalized approach, we have transformed our clients' content vision.

At Aplyca, we take pride in being pioneers in the implementation of Contentful’s Live Preview. Our clients are already benefiting from editorial agility and an enhanced user experience. We are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet current needs but also prepare businesses for the future of digital marketing.

Aplyca provides the guidance and technical support necessary to implement, customize, and optimize Contentful’s Live Preview, ensuring your editorial team is equipped to face the challenges of a digital landscape. If you are already a Contentful user and wish to enhance your editorial experience, contact us to explore this new functionality together.

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