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Creating Solutions for the Modern Web

At Aplyca we build Modular Web Applications using microservices and best-of-breed components. This approach decouples the web experience from the data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability. This is a more flexible approach to web application development that began with the dominance of smartphones. 

Soon the rise in APIs and the cloud reinforced the ideas of modularity and encapsulation, while Monolithic CMSs, like Drupal and Sitecore, tried to go “headless,” it was time for a new “composable” approach to application development. 


Aplyca can be your nearshore outsourcing partner. With resources in Colombia, just a short distance away and often in the same timezone, we can work with your team as required to deliver Jamstack applications to your clients. Let's talk.

Our Clients

Who are they?

Our clients are leading companies in their sectors, multinationals or companies traded on the stock exchange.

What do they seek?

An expert who solves complex digital problems with quality, commitment and speed

How do they sell?

Through omnichannel and high-traffic ECommerce. B2B and B2C

Where are located?

We serve all of Latin America, the United States and Europe, with locations in Bogotá, Chicago and Barcelona.

What budget?

Our projects typically range from $100,000 to $1,000,000, and our minimum initial commitments are $20,000.

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Worldwide Recognition

Ibexa Awards: Aplyca has received the Ibexa Integration of the Year 2023, the Ibexa Honorary Award in 2020, the Ibexa Partner of the Year in 2021, and twice the Ibexa Best Customer Project in 2022, for our work with the American Chemistry Council and with Cine Colombia. In addition, we have won the project of the month on several occasions, with the pages of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Heart Rhythm Society, Cine Colombia, Grupo de Energia de Bogotá and Uniandes, among others.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) project won the Marcom Gold Award and the Davey Awards in the General Partnerships category.

Our Values


We do it right, no shortcuts

[IMG Valores] We take ownership, and responsibility

We take ownership, and responsibility

[IMG Valores] We're always learning and improving

We're always learning and improving

[iMG VALORES]We take pride in our work

We take pride in our work

[IMG Valores] We're kind, open, direct, and focused

We're kind, open, direct, and focused

Our History

Aplyca is a Digital Innovation Boutique, born and nurtured in Bogotá, Colombia, with presence and teams expanded to Spain and the United States. For over 18 years, we have served as a trusted technological partner for market leaders, assisting them in achieving and surpassing their business goals.

Technological innovation is at the heart of our methodology. We specialize in optimizing digital platforms, with the aim of ensuring a first-class web experience. We excel in serverless content management systems (Headless CMS), microservices in hybrid infrastructures, DevOps, automation, and development with Artificial Intelligence.


At the helm of Aplyca is our founder and CEO, Felipe Jaramillo Fonnegra. As the first Amazon Web Services Certified Architect in Colombia, Felipe brings more than 20 years of experience in web development, content management systems, and infrastructure.

As a business manager and information systems specialist, Felipe has successfully led the implementation of solutions in corporations, media, and the publishing industry. His strategic leadership has placed Aplyca on the global stage of professional services, extending our influence to countries such as the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, United Kingdom, Japan, Norway, and Finland.

Felipe is known for his insatiable curiosity. To him, learning and sharing are the best parts of life, and he reflects this value in his interactions with our team and clients. His interests are as broad as they are varied, spanning from programming and infrastructure to music, chocolate, and sailing.

To contact Felipe, you can find him on Twitter @mrfelipe.