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Crafting Digital Solutions for the Businesses of Tomorrow

Aplyca merges top-tier technology with strategic insight to craft transformative digital experiences. Dive into a realm where development ignites business transformation.

e-Commerce Excellence

In the e-commerce landscape, our primary focus is on crafting experiences that lead to high conversions to ensure a solid return on investment. Our tailored solutions exemplify adaptability and security, powered by leading-edge technologies and platforms, and optimized for top-tier performance.


Key Services

  • End-to-End Implementation

  • Seamless Integrations

  • Experts in Store Operations

  • Tailored Solutions by Industry

  • Composable E-Commerce with Best-of-breed Platforms

Content & Experience

In the digital realm, trust is non-negotiable. With a rich history in CMS and corporate portals, we focus on crafting secure and unparalleled digital journeys, ensuring every touchpoint resonates with quality and purpose. With value generation at the forefront, our collaborative endeavor crafts compelling narratives that not only captivate and resonate but also amplify your brand's distinctive digital voice.


Key Services

  • SEO + Content Transformation

  • Website Evolution

  • User Experience and Design

  • Prioritizing Usability & Accessibility

  • Ultra-Fast Performance Solutions

  • Multichannel and Omnichannel experiences

Mobile Apps

Expand your reach with Mobile Apps to engage customers faster. Consistent user experience across multiple channels.

At Aplyca, we believe in enhancing accessibility and unlocking transformative business opportunities through customized mobile solutions. We prioritize speed and time to market.


Key Services

  • Multi-platform Mobile Development with easy management

  • High-Performance Native Application Development

  • Next-generation Augmented Reality and QR-NFC Technologies

  • Engagement Metrics and Analytics

  • Beautiful UI design

Microservices - Cloud Development

Bid farewell to cumbersome monolithic systems that hinder your ability to respond to new demands for exponential growth. With our expertise, and in collaboration with partners such as Amazon Web Services and Docker, we lead the transition to agile, microservice-driven architecture, ensuring seamless and rapid growth applications. Overcome the complexity of microservices with automation and orchestration.


Key Services

  • Performance Monitoring and Observability

  • Orchestration and deployment automation

  • Future-Proofing Architectures Strategy

  • Interoperability strategies

  • Refactoring and Modernizing Monolithic Systems

Elevate Your Digital Game with Aplyca.

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