Background Technologies

The platform that delivers speed and reliability to businesses that need agile development with delightful user experiences.

What is Vercel?

Vercel is an agile platform for automated website building, performance optimization, and integrated images. 

Developers can connect pages to any data source, headless CMS, or API, making frontend development a collaborative experience with automatic preview deployments visible with every code change.  Vercel integrates seamlessly with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Better Front-end Workflow


Frontend & Serverless Development

Implementation of efficient websites and applications with a focus on JAMstack and serverless capabilities, ensuring performance and scalability.


Strategic Consulting

Guidance on performance optimization, solutions architecture, and digital strategy to maximize Vercel's advantages.

Support and maintenance

Support & Training

Continuous maintenance, application monitoring, and specialized training on the Vercel platform.

Aplyca and Vercel in Colombia, Spain, and the USA

Since 2022 we have been partners of Vercel and its representatives in Colombia. We have certified developers with whom we develop successful projects for different types of companies around the world.

Through our Aplyca offices in Bogota, Barcelona, and Chicago our team will be available to offer you the best Vercel option for your digital development.