Cloud App Development

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Web application design, API platforms, software improvement and optimization of user experiences.

Agile and Customized Development

From web applications to API platforms, at Aplyca we are experts at helping potentiate your business, improving client relations and optimizing web user experience.

We have expert engineers specializing in application development, and we use the best tools, technical infrastructure and agile methodologies.

We integrate with multidisciplinary teams to understand your project’s lifecycle, from conception through implementation and deployment. We have been developing applications for e-commerce, media and multi-site portals, among others, for more than 12 years.

Development Modalities

There are different reasons to hire application development services, based on the type of service that must be developed. At Aplyca, we offer several modalities:

  • Finished product: We establish the scope of the project and a fixed price based on detailed and stable requirements.

  • Hourly packages: Fixed-hour contract for development, to be used in an agile and flexible manner, according to your needs.

  • Dedicated staff: We provide specialized talent and the client manages their requirements using Aplyca’s technical support.

Aplyca, your Tech Partner

Developing new services or customizing applications presents many challenges. Among them: cost, transparency and integration with other systems. Our skilled team emphasizes overcoming challenges while controlling costs.

  • Specialized staff

  • Agile and modern methodologies

  • Continuous integration and deployment

  • Test-driven development

  • Business focus

  • Cloud-first

  • Knowledge of cloud platform for solutions deployment

Types of Development

Some examples of customized developments:

  • Mobile back-end.

  • Single Sign-On integrations (Active Directory/LDAP, Social Login, OAuth2, Salesforce).

  • DAP: Digital Asset Platform.

  • APIs, REST and GraphQL development.

  • Web applications development.


[Icon] Docker

Leading container system.

[Icon] AWS

Cloud solutions platform.

[Icon] Terraform

Infrastructure as Code.

[icon] RedHat Ansible

Infrastructure Automation Platform.

[Icon] Kubernetes

Container-Orchestration System.

[Icon] RedHat OpenShift

Complete PaaS solution using RedHat containers.