Terpel Has a New Website by Aplyca

[Img] Stament Terpel

Terpel launches its new website, demonstrating once again that it is a benchmark for digital transformation. Aplyca participated as an expert firm in modern web development, making this new digital experience a reality with extensive technical architecture and implementation services.

Terpel is a leading company in the energy and gas sector and is the second largest company in Colombia by operating income. The company is the first distributor of fuel in Colombia as well as the first distributor of electrical energy on its highways.

As a leading firm, Terpel has high standards and processes that made Aplyca a key ally to modernize this platform.

The new portal uses a modern digital experience platform with advanced tools for creating content and building flexible pages for the different business units. The portal thus has multi-language, multi-site and omnichannel capabilities.

The new platform combines better content, dynamic maps for service points, integration with the Colombian Stock Exchange, as well as a Chatbot system that allows its users to easily communicate with the service center.

At Aplyca we are experts in building and operating digital products, advanced web portals, Ecommerce solutions and Cloud solutions. We invite you to contact us to discuss your business needs.

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