Aplyca winner of an Ibexa Award 2023

[IMG]#2  Premio ibexa 2023

Aplyca won the "Best Integration Year" award for the redesign of Terpel's website at the Ibexa Excellence Awards presented at the Global Partner Conference.

Terpel, the second largest company in Colombia, approached Aplyca and commissioned it to create a complex integration that would reflect a seamless digital experience for its different customers across multiple platforms.

IBEXA Premio 2023 #1
IBEXA Premio 2023 #1

"The client was looking for a complete redesign of their website to improve the user experience. So we created, in an agile way, a multi-country portal in different languages under a unique, secure and scalable system with several integrations," said Felipe Jaramillo, CEO of Aplyca.

This portal had to be aligned with the digital strategy, partner expectations, business line needs, and the company's other platforms. It also needed a comprehensive CMS capable of supporting high traffic.

Among the integrations that it required, the one made with the Colombian Stock Exchange, the georeferenced maps of the service stations and the Salesforce system stand out.

Other Aplyca nominations

The company was also nominated in two other categories: Ibexa Partner of the Year and Marketer of the Year, for the work carried out hand in hand with Ibexa during the year 2022.

[IMG]#4 Premio ibexa 2023
[IMG]#4 Premio ibexa 2023
[IMG]#3  Premio ibexa 2023
[IMG]#3 Premio ibexa 2023
[IMG]#5 Premio ibexa 2023
[IMG]#5 Premio ibexa 2023

Strategic alliance with Ibexa

Aplyca has been offering its customers the Ibexa platform for more than 15 years, a solid product that allows customers to develop scalable solutions.

In addition, Aplyca is a Platinum Partner of Ibexa, which certifies the extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of its solutions.

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