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Contentful is a cloud-hosted content management system (CMS), created to develop modern and complex digital experiences. It's ideal for producing, managing and publishing content on different channels (omnichannel) in a very simple and fast way.

Contentful is based on the API-First architecture, which allows it to integrate all its technologies with a unified headless content center, optimizing their organization, allowing both publishers and developers to work together, facilitating and streamlining tasks.

Contentful's Strengths

Extensibility and versatility are two of the main benefits this platform stands out for, and one of the reasons for its great popularity. However, its true strengths are as follows:

CaaS Model: It is a "Content as a Service" approach, in which its functionalities can be extended without having to invest in an App Framework. In addition, it doesn't require much investment for its maintenance or infrastructure.

Headless CMS: As a Headless CMS, Contentful is very flexible, which allows for unifying the creation and editing of content for multiple websites, mobile applications and software without the need to make changes to its architecture.

Aplyca and Contentful in Colombia and Latin America

Aplyca has been a Contentful partner since November 2021. We are one of the first companies in Colombia and in Latin America to create digital and development experiences under the Headless model with Contentful.

Aplyca specializes in Cloud Native solutions and in creating modern digital experiences. We develop more complex digital experiences taking advantage of the benefits and advantages offered by the Headless model.