DC Shoes

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The Client

DC Shoes is a multi-country and multi-language virtual store where visual content is presented to promote the purchase of sports shoes. DC Shoes is a company of the famous Quiksilver brand and the company supplies high-demand brands such as Quiksilver, DC Shoes and Roxy, which sell a vibrant lifestyle.

The Challenge

DC Shoes has multiple international sites and each one of them had to create and maintain their own platforms. Content was not shared efficiently since there were different platforms for each brand and for each sport. The internal and agency costs for the maintenance and updating of the sites were elevated, due to all the platforms that they had to manage simultaneously.

The Solution

The project consisted of creating and managing multiple portals worldwide in order to facilitate the exchange of content, it's integration with the Ecommerce system and the management of the database system for product and social network information. All of this while facilitating a complex workflow with a preview and approval of content by different instances.

In addition, we incorporated a Quiksilver developer to the team to acquire an adequate understanding of the functional needs and possible evolutions of the solution.

  • Within the CMS platform, the content focuses on product targeting and simple integration to create links with the almost 6 million fans on Facebook.

  • The site supports seven main sections, each in four different languages, which means more than 150 unique sections with dozens of galleries, videos and articles.

  • The background image is separated in foreground and background so that it maintains its quality in different viewing sizes.

  • The backend has been customized with an Amazon Web Services cluster that runs on PHP, Varnish and Apache.

The Results

Since its launch, the site has increased response time while tripling graphic and video content. The new site also enhanced global content sharing by enabling selective and/or bulk content sharing of existing or new content for international sites.

It also has an improved workflow to make it easier to preview and approve multiple versions of content and integrate with GSI Commerce and Microsoft Ecommerce platforms.

In addition, a few months after its launch, the website was chosen as "Webpick of the Week" by the Communications Arts site, and, in November 2011, was selected as "Site of the month" by eZ Systems.