Bogota Energy Group

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The Client

Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) is the eight largest company in Colombia, based on market cap, and it's listed on the Colombia Securities Exchange. It started as Colombia’s first electricity company at the end of the 19th century when the capital city introduced street lighting.

Still majority-owned by the District of Bogotá, GEB is now one of Latin America’s leading energy holdings with a diversified portfolio of power and natural gas companies. 

GEB chose Ibexa technology to run its parent and subsidiary websites, in order to communicate effectively with investors and regulators, as well as with thousands of employees throughout Latin America.

The Challenge

The group’s expansion and transition from the energy transmission business to an energy group was at the heart of the project. This presented a cultural as well as a technological challenge: 

  • Create multiple sites to reflect the transition to an international energy group.

  • Subsidiary sites had to reflect the unique culture of each company yet still be part of the larger group.

  • Build a powerful and appealing intranet to forge a cross-company culture.

  • Put in place flexible and powerful tools for content creation and sharing. 

  • GEB is constantly scrutinized by investors and regulators so security and reliability were non-negotiable.  

The Solution

Bogotá’s leading web development company -and Ibexa partner- Aplyca was brought on board in 2012 to develop, host and manage the UI of the sites. Aplyca recommended that GEB deploy IBEXA Publish as its CMS. The demands of regulators and investors for absolute security and absolute robustness guided the decision to adopt Ibexa technology. 

The Grupo Energía Bogotá needed its digital presence and branding to reflect its transition to a leading Latin American energy group. The multi-site solution built in Ibexa had to provide a secure, robust and agile foundation to satisfy investors, regulators and the general public, while engaging employees with the culture and brand messaging to consolidate the group. 

Permissions in Ibexa establish the editorial access of the overarching business group; content creators at the business units have a virtual editorial independence but can only work in their domain. However, segmentation does not mean separation. The flexibility of the multi-site structure in Ibexa means that content, design and site development can be easily leveraged across the group. This increases engagement as well as brand consistency.


  • Parent site created on Ibexa DxP 3.3. The group’s other websites, including the intranet, are built off this single instance.

  • Development of intranet sites on Ibexa DxP 3.3. Integrations with active directory.

  • Re-branding rolled out successfully in 2018.

The Results

  • Creation of strong brand identity across the group. 

  • Corporate governance and sustainability policies communicated consistently across GEB’s holdings.

  • Better content management interface that allows for flexible content creation and sharing, which means that subsidiaries can contribute actively to group sites.

  • Uptime constant at 99.9% across the different sites.

  • Intranet fosters a dynamic company culture. Sites innovate at their own pace and draw inspiration and technology from each other.

  • A lighter site with clear content that is easy to read for the customers, suppliers and shareholders. It’s easier to navigate and to guide the user to find content more efficiently.

  • Modernized software architecture that displays better on different mobile devices.