Rancher Labs Enters Colombia in Partnership With Aplyca

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Aplyca has been selected by Rancher Labs as Partner for Colombia and Latin America.

Rancher is a widely recognized company in the Cloud Native space and one of the leading companies in container management platforms and Kubernetes. It has over 150 employees and seven locations distributed in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Rancher is known in the market for having an Open Source platform to deploy Kubernetes clusters in any type of infrastructure.

Aplyca, pioneer in Cloud Native technologies

For over 10 years, Aplyca Tecnología S.A.S. has been a provider of Cloud solutions and is a pioneer in the adoption of Cloud Native technologies. Today, to complement our Cloud Native solutions portfolio, which includes solutions as our RedHat and Docker partners, we have associated with Rancher. With this strategic alliance, we currently offer the solutions and services portfolio for the adoption of Rancher in Latin America. 

What is Rancher and Kubernetes management?

Rancher is an integral platform, designed for equipment that adopt containerized technologies.

It addresses operational and security challenges for the administration of multiple Kubernetes clusters across any type of infrastructure (Cloud and On-Premise), providing tools integrated simultaneously to DevOps equipment to execute workloads in containers.

 A Multi-Cloud effective answer

Rancher is an efficient and reliable platform, designed to manage multiple clusters of Kubernetes, allowing to deploy different types of services for different providers.

Rancher not only has the ability to deploy Kubernetes anywhere and for any provider; Additionally, the platform allows to unify them through a centralized authentication and access control system. Regardless of where resources are executed, Rancher makes it possible to easily integrate clusters into each type of provider and migrate resources between them. Instead of having different Kubernetes developments, Rancher unifies them as a single managed Kubernetes Cloud.

Rancher in the Forrester New Wave™

 Forrester, one of the world's most recognized market research companies, classified Rancher as one of the leading container management companies, along with Docker Enterprise Edition and RedHat Openshift. Forester highlighted Rancher's capabilities for managing multiple clusters of Kubernetes.

Rancher subscription model

One of the most widely accepted attributes among customers is the Rancher subscription model, which has the following advantages:

  • Enterprise support from the Rancher Control Plane to Kubernetes and Docker in a single account

  • Price model where collection is made by number of machines, allowing resources to grow and increase of computing power (processors), without modifying the subscription.

  • Possibility to temporarily and dynamically scale resources, without requiring additional subscriptions, providing elasticity to Kubernetes clusters (Scale Out).

  • By using Kubernetes, the solution source code is 100% Open Source.

Rancher and Kubernetes implementation

If you seek implementing Kubernetes in your organization, you can objectively analyze Rancher, since it is not a PaaS or a massive set of tools that extends from the Desktop to the Data Center; it is an intuitive platform that provides a native and clean Kubernetes experience for any development equipment, making it easy to host and maintain. It also facilitates the administration of any cluster of Kubernetes deployed throughout the company.

Learn about our portfolio of services for the implementation of technologies such as Rancher and Kubernetes. We are ready to provide any solution you need, please contact us.

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