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The platform that delivers speed and reliability to businesses that need agile development with delightful user experiences.

What is Vercel?

Vercel is an agile platform for automated website building, performance optimisation and integrated images. 

Developers can connect pages to any data source, headless CMS or API, making frontend development a collaborative experience with automatic preview deployments visible with every code change.  Vercel integrates seamlessly with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Vercel API

The Vercel API allows to create integrations and work with redirection URLs.

The API is REST style, which allows to evaluate the capabilities of the entire Vercel platform, including integrations.

When creating an integration with Vercel, the user can request access tokens to use it with different query parameters.

Each integration installation is stored and tracked as a configuration and if one or more integration owners leave the team, the integration will be marked as disabled, and ownership must be transferred within 30 days. Otherwise, the integration will be removed.

The Vercel API allows to modify the projects to which the integration has access, such as: modify the environment variables of a project, update scopes in the integration console and its scopes.

Vercel and Nextjs 

The Vercel platform is built by the same Next.js developers, which makes work and support very agile. When a Nextjs application is deployed in Vercel this is what happens by default:

  • Pages using static generation and assets (JS, CSS, images, fonts, etc.) will be automatically served from the fast Vercel Edge network.

  • Pages using Server-Side Rendering and API paths will be automatically converted to isolated Serverless Functions. This allows to scale infinitely the rendering of pages and API requests.

In addition, Vercel has many more features such as:

  • Once implemented Vercel allows to assign a custom domain to the Next.js application.

  • It allows to set environment variables.

  • HTTPS is enabled by default (including custom domains) and requires no additional configuration. SSL certificates are automatically renewed.

Vercel and Contentful

The integration of Contentful and Vercel, allows tools to be connected with a few clicks, preview capabilities to be configured and deployed with Vercel for optimal speed and performance.



Based on serverless technology, it can handle any traffic spike, with automatic failover and global asset replication, it allows code to be executed on demand without the need to upgrade hardware.

Global network:

Allows content to be deployed and updated in 300 milliseconds anywhere in the world.

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Enables you to analyze logs, traffic and usage to easily optimize applications, without the need for additional tools or code




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Guaranteed uptime


Aplyca and Vercel in Colombia, Spain and the USA

Since 2022 we are partners of Vercel and its representatives in Colombia. We have certified developers with whom we develop successful projects for different types of companies around the world.

Through our Aplyca offices in Bogota, Barcelona and Chicago our team will be available to offer you the best Vercel option for your digital development. Contact us.