Web Acceleration

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Faster global websites with high response speeds in high traffic spikes, using web accelerators and CDN strategies.

Websites 10X faster

Pages that have high traffic, dynamic content, and where users make multiple requests simultaneously, need optimized web development and architecture to ensure site performance and capitalize on user experience.

At Aplyca we are experts in optimizing websites that have high traffic and making them more responsive to peak demand. We ensure an optimal cloud architecture based on the client's applications and on high-availability platforms.

Web Accelerators

We provide web acceleration services that enable fast-storage of common pages and configuring expiration times, as well as specific rules to exclude or include URLs according to the frequency of the requests, without affecting performance.

Website Optimization

With more than 20 years’ experience and specialized technical knowledge of online applications architecture and services, we use our tools and techniques to optimize websites. Among our tools:

  • Compression techniques

  • Image optimization

  • Internet standards and protocols for the optimization of content distribution

CDN Strategies

We improve user experience and optimize multimedia content distribution. A CDN service enables global content distribution, placing it closer to users and reducing latency.CDNs rapidly execute content operations by integrating with cloud services, personalizing content based on location, browser type or device.



The most popular web accelerator for high-traffic and multimedia content, social networks and media portals. The licensed application is fully supported by the company and contains other specialized modules that extend functionality and improve integration.


An independent CDN that provides website security, acceleration and protection against denial-of-service attacks. User friendly and fast to implement, it contains several modules and all the safety and cyberattack protection characteristics. This service is placed between the user and the server, creating content distribution spots close to the user.

AWS CloudFront

A CDN web service integrated with other Amazon Web Services products. It provides a robust solution within a high-availability architecture, with low latency and high-velocity data transfer.