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Bogotá Music Market

The Client: BOmm

The Bogota Music Market (BOmm) is a promotion and circulation platform organized by the Bogota chamber of commerce, as part of its program to support the Creative and Cultural Industries. It is a space designed for musicians, composers, producers, agencies, entrepreneurs, brands, record companies and publishers to discover new business opportunities and learn about the latest trends in the music industry.

The platform offers opportunities for colombian musicians to present their producctions, compositions or live shows to brands, national and intenational publishers, and to international circuits and festivals.

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The challenge

All the music actors are presented by virtual call once a year in order to access the spaces for promotion, professional updating and networks to make agreements, alliances and businesses around the music industry.

The BOmm website has a high traffic reaching 145 thousand page views per year and, during the music week 6.5 thousand visits per day with 50% accessing the Site through mobile devices.

The public of the BOmm demands an agile page that allows the easy consultation of all the information of the call, the programming of the music week in October, in addition to the complete library of the musicians and groups that have participated in the BOmm since 2013 Under aesthetic standards that correspond to the expectations of the music sector.

The site is part of the CCB network portals and requires easy administration so that content publishers share news, photographs and events easily between the different portals.

The solution

Aplyca focused first on developing an effective content strategy in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá to facilitate access to content and improve the user experience . The biggest challenge was in the ability to organize information 5 years ago and the ability to make a scalable site that could continue growing in a logical way with future versions.
Subsequently, eZ Publish 5 CMS was used, which is based on the Symfony2 framework that allowed them condense all their content management needs into one tool .
We increased the web site velocity more than 10 times using our services andknow how of Web acceleration.
Cloud architecture and migration from the site to the cloud with Amazon Web Services to improve the site scalability and security, and to reduce costs.
Aplyca developed an integration with the BOmm managment artist systems achieving that the content be manageable directly by the participant artists
Aplyca continues with the portal maintenance and improvement, doing improves in the design and the architecture.

Features and functionalities to highlight

  • Site's construction pahse in less than 2 months.
  • Adaptable design to mobile version (Responsive).
  • Management of editing and flow roles and content approval.
  • Integration with other platforms that send updated contents.
  • Capabilities of extensive searches with con eZ Find, reducing the service costs of external searches.
  • Cloud scalable design with Amazon Web Services Using CDN (Content delivery networks) and site acceleration with Varnish.


A few months after the launch of the website, the following improvements was seen:

  • Totally responsive site.
  • The visits increased in a 45%.
  • The visit time increased from 2 to 3,5 minutes.
  • The reboot rate tasa de drecreased in a 12,5%.
  • The site velocity increased more than 1000%.
  • The site disponibility is almost 100%.
  • The site supports traffic spikes and hackers penetration attacks.


"The work with Aplyca was implacable, they gave us the portal implemented before the proposed time and we have received very good comments about the new site design. Compared to the page we had before, we improved 100% "

Angélica Nieto de Gamboa, Web Manager of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce