Cloud Managed Services

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We offer 24x7 support, monitoring, diagnostics and automation.

Our highly qualified engineers are ready to give you personalized attention.

Cloud Management and Protection

Managed services in cloud technology, infrastructure as code, DevOps and container-based solutions. We optimize the operation of your services and deliver more flexible and stable platforms. With Aplyca Managed Services, your platform and services in the cloud are always available, up-to-date and secure.

  • Support and Monitoring 

Premium support 24/7/365. You will have direct contact with qualified and experienced engineers, who will address your requests immediately. We use control and follow-up tools that enable you to measure the availability, performance and visibility of your services in real time, along with monitoring your service history. Automatic alert programming and recovery tasks.

  • Maintenance

We oversee periodical audits of AWS resources, the updating of operational systems and correction of security incidents. We make sure that the architecture and resources are used efficiently, in order to add value.

  • Infrastructure Automation 

Our team constantly seeks ways to improve, which potentially reduces your costs and simplifies tasks. We implement software tools that automate infrastructure provisioning, minimize mistakes and optimize operation.

  • Incident resolution

We are experts in analyzing application performance, and we have in-depth knowledge of the components/integrations we support. We constantly evaluate infrastructure services and resources, using root-cause analysis. We partner with your IT team.

MultiCloud Services

  • AWS and Azure resource management

  • Multi-cloud solutions

  • Timely services updates

  • Performance evaluation of the platform’s active services

  • Error review and correction, and task optimization