Cloud Training

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We provide customized training plans for IT personnel in charge of cloud infrastructure operations.

Cloud Is the New Standard

We train and coach our clients' teams on cloud infrastructure management best practices.

At Aplyca we develop personalized training plans, with practical workshops, based on your needs. We evaluate the products and solutions that require special attention. We carry out training in person or online.

Basic Cloud Computing

Training designed for IT teams in all sorts of businesses. Requires basic network knowledge.

Introduction to AWS: Get to know the recommended practices and the fundamental aspects of the cloud so you can use basic tools.

  • Foundations of computer science, storage, networks and databases

  • Costs

  • Security

  • Practical workshops and demonstrations of the functions, applications and workloads

Advanced AWS

Training designed for solutions architects, information security engineers, auditors and analysts. Requires basic understanding of AWS.

  • Cloud Security: Normative security and compliance in the AWS cloud, including key services, recommended practices and security characteristics.

  • Availability Architecture: Implementation of distribution systems, scalability and load balancing of cluster applications deployment in distributed environments.

  • Migration: Cloud migration strategies, disaster recovery and hybrid architectures in the AWS cloud.

  • VPC – Virtual Private Cloud: Secure network architecture design for the cloud. Create and generate logical isolation of applications and resources.

  • Cost control: Architecture and resources optimization to cap and control costs. Request and resource reserve strategies. Controlling and understanding AWS billing methods.

  • Practical Workshops: Function demonstrations, guided labs and implementation of real case scenarios.

  • Automation and provisions: Infrastructure deployment using CloudFormation or Terraform. Automation and provision of AWS resources using Ansible.

Amazon Web Services

  • Resource and request maintenance in AWS

  • Permanent updating

  • Performance evaluation of the platform’s active services

  • Bug review and repair, task optimization