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The Client

Grupo Aval is the largest financial conglomerate in Colombia and the leader in the traditional banking business. It controls four major banks in the country: Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular and AV Villas. The group currently has more than 16 million banking customers.

For users who make use of Aval bank cards, there is a loyalty program known as Tuplús, whose purpose is to reward the loyalty of its customers through incentives given for purchases made with credit cards. For each transaction, points are accumulated and redeemed for airline tickets, accommodations, tourist packages, cruises and more.

The Challenge

The challenge was to support ATH of Grupo Aval in the adoption and implementation of container technologies for transactional and business portals.

In 2019, the applications team of ATH, the group's information technology and e-channel provider, contacted Aplyca to leverage our knowledge and partner network.

The Solution

Thanks to our experience with Cloud Native technologies and the direct relationship we have with technology providers, Grupo Aval found in Aplyca the strategic ally to strengthen its application.

Considering their needs, we suggested 3 solutions:

  • A GAP Analysis to know what was needed, what could be changed, and what should be improved.

  • Management of licensing and support of the platform with suppliers, so that it would be updated, secure and stable.

  • Updating the platform through a migration process.


  • Direct management with technology providers, which allowed us to implement a licensed and supported application.

  • Renewed, stable and secure platform, taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in cloud native and open-source technologies.

  • Implementation of a GAP Analysis, which served as a guide to know the right path and enhance the portal.

Technologies Involved

  • Docker: an open-source container platform for rapidly developing, deploying and managing applications.

  • Kubernetes: an open-source orchestrator created by Google for applications running in containers.

The Results

We supported the loyalty strategy of the leader in traditional banking in Colombia, through the delivery of a stable and reliable platform.

For Mauricio Sanchez, "being Docker and Mirantis partners, we provide a competitive advantage for customers, because we are able to accelerate the process of implementing robust platforms that run on these solutions".

Aplyca had a team composed of an account executive, a project manager, a technical leader and two technical implementation managers.