Bogota chamber of Commerce

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The Client

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce is an institution that seeks to promote the creation of companies in the Colombian capital.

It focuses on defending the interests of merchants and industrialists, through advising entrepreneurs on the processes and best practices to build a successful company. In addition, it advises the Government on how to promote business development based on its experience with new entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

All companies in the city of Bogotá must register and renew their license annually with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. This makes the website the main point of information for businessmen in the city. The CCB website has very high traffic, which can reach 13 million page views per year and, during the registration renewal period, can have peaks of 150,000 daily visits. The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce needed a comprehensive content management platform, capable of supporting high traffic. It also needed a network of sites integrated with external systems and in different languages under a single, stable, secure and scalable system.

The Solution

Aplyca offered the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce a complete solution for a new stage in its network of portals:

  • Architecture and Web Design: Aplyca focused first on developing an effective content strategy in conjunction with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, in order to facilitate access to content and improve the user experience.

  • Enterprise Content Manager: Next, eZ Publish 5 CMS was used, based on the Symfony2 framework, which allowed them to condense all their content management needs into a single tool.

  • Support and Maintenance: Aplyca continues to maintain and improve the portal, making improvements to the design and architecture. It is currently creating the sites of the Clusters and the Arbitration and Conciliation Center (CAC) under the same eZ Publish platform.

  • Web Acceleration: We increase the speed of the website more than 10 times, using our services and web acceleration know-how.

  • Cloud Services: Cloud architecture and migration with Amazon Web Services to improve the scalability and security of the site and reduce costs.

  • Training: Comprehensive plan for knowledge transfer and training in cloud technology, as well as modern development methodologies and cloud infrastructure, focused on AWS.


  • Website construction in less than four months.

  • Responsive design for mobile devices.

  • Management of editing roles and content flow and approval.

  • Creation of multiple subsites on a single platform under the same license, without additional installation costs.

  • Extensive search capacity using eZ Find, reducing the costs of services in external searches.

  • Scalable performance in the Amazon Web Services Cloud using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and acceleration with Varnish.

The Results

A few months after the launch of the website the following improvements were seen:

  • Fully responsive site.

  • Visits increased by 53%.

  • Page views increased by 82%.

  • Visiting time increased from 3 to 4 and a half minutes.

  • The bounce rate was reduced by 30.2%.

  • Site speed increased over 1000%.

  • Site availability is almost 100%.

  • The site withstands spikes in traffic and penetration attacks from hackers.