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American Chemistry Council

“We know Aplyca is probably the most experienced Ibexa partner in the Americas and they more than lived up to their reputation by building this highly technical and performant site” ACC

“What a fantastic partner Aplyca is! We've been thrilled to work with them on a few projects, including a very complex and sophisticated custom open-source digital asset management platform with autoscaling cloud-based backend. These guys are legit!” Chief Strategy Officer, ParsonsTKO (Washington, DC)

The Client

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is an industry trade association for US chemical companies, based in Washington, D.C. Its 190-plus members contribute research to inform and advise state and federal policymakers; networks of specialist industry groups also organize their activities under the ACC umbrella.


The Council is an important provider of data and statistics; its Chemical Activity Barometer is a leading indicator of the broader US economy. In 2015, its huge range of content was migrated to a CMS that proved too unergonomic for end-users and editors. Five years later, ACC decided to rebuild the site on Ibexa DXP.


  • Inadequate CMS
  • Rigid frontend architecture
  • “Wall of text” content difficult to search and skim
  • Content very slow to upload or amend
  • No content preview


  • Three-month discovery phase
  • Content had built up to 20,000 pages; this was cut down to 3,000 in the migration
  • Extensive use of Ibexa Page Builder to make content more accessible to all interest groups
  • Micro-sharing option and contextualized search part of complex six-month development
  • Launch August 2020


The American Chemistry Council (ACC)’s project won Marcom Gold price and Davey Awards in the General-Associations category.



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