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Terraform — Cloud Automation

Simple and Powerful

HashiCorp Terraform is an excellent complement to Ansible. It allows us to create, change and improve infrastructure in a safe and predictable way. It is an open source tool that encodes APIs in configuration files that can be shared, edited, reviewed and versioned with team members in code format.

Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool. It is used to automate and make duplicable the configuration of elements such as networks, access control, computing resources, storage, load balancing, databases, CDNs and much more.

Aplyca and Terraform

Terraform is our preferred infrastructure provisioning platform and is a seamless complement to Ansible.. We have worked with Terraform since 2015, and it is an essential component of infrastructure as code in our projects for prominent clients.

Who uses Terraform

Our Services

Terraform Adoption Consultancy

For complex infrastructures.

Creation of Automation Scripts

Infrastructure automation for cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and on-premise infrastructure.


We train and accompany your team in the use of Terraform.

Do you want to know how Aplyca can help you?

Infrastructure as Code

Define your infrastructure as code to increase the provider’s transparency and productivity.

Collaborate and Share

The configuration of Terraform can be stored by operator teams in a shared and collaborative version control.

Develop your Infrastructure

Trace the entire history of your infrastructure’s versions.

Friendly Automation

If it can be coded;, it can be automated.

A Safe Workflow Among Providers

Terraform provides an elegant user experience so that operators can make changes in the infrastructure in a safe and predictable manner.

Resource Dependency Map

Understand how a minor change could have a potential domino effect on an infrastructure before you execute it. Terraform creates a dependency graph based on your configurations and analyzes it to generate plans, update statuses and much more.

Separates the Plan from the Request

Separating the plans and applications reduces scaled errors and uncertainty. The plans show operators what would happen and applies the execution changes.

Safe Workflow

Use Terraform to create resources on all the main infrastructure providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, VMware, among others).

Reproducible Infrastructure

Terraform enables providers to easily use the same configuration in multiple places to reduce errors and save time.

Environmental Parity

Use the same Terraform configuration to supply production environments, quality control and identical scenarios.

Shareable Modules

The common Terraform configurations can be packaged as modules and used in teams and organizations.

Consistently Combine Multiple Providers

Terraform allows you to effortlessly combine high-level system providers. Launch a server from a cloud provider and add a DNS entry with an IP from a different provider. “Integrated dependency resolution” means things happen in the right order.

Aplyca Is Your Trusted Partner for Terraform