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What is Docker?

Docker is a container platform that allows us to quickly develop, deploy and manage applications. Docker packages software in standardized units called containers that encompass everything the software needs to run, including libraries, system tools and code. With Docker, you can deploy in the cloud or on-premise and adjust the scale of applications quickly in any environment, knowing that your code will run in the same manner, from the development to the production environment Developers like Docker because it uses tools that make their work more efficient. Learn more about Docke on our blog: "Aplyca is now a Docker Partner".

Docker Services

Modernize Traditional Applications

The first step we take with Docker, is modernizing the existing applications portfolio. Packing the applications in containers immediately improves security, reduces costs and increases portability to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Migration to the cloud, cloud infrastructure or multi-cloud uses require application-free portability. Docker packages the applications and their dependencies in an isolated container that makes them portable to any infrastructure.

Continuous Integration and Implementation [DevOps]

We integrate modern methodologies and automate the development lines with the integration of Docker and DevOps. The isolated nature of the containers enables them to rapidly change environments by eliminating conflicts between applications while increasing developer productivity.


Docker containers are designed to be lightweight and ideal for the development of microservice applications. Accelerate the development, deployment and rollback of dozens or hundreds of composite containers as a single application.

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Development, Deployment and Application Management with Container Technology

Docker on Amazon Web Services [AWS]

Docker scales easily to distribute and manage applications. It is an essential part of the AWS container offering, and is supported by AWS Fargate,Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS),Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS). AWS is compatible with both Docker licensing models:Docker Community Edition (CE)an open source code andDocker Enterprise Edition (EE), which is subscription-based.
Image AWS Services

Aplyca and Docker Inc.

Aplyca is breaking new ground in Colombia with Docker because we use container technologies and the Docker platform to develop, update and deploy applications. We work with our clients to transform their on-premise infrastructure, modernize their applications and accompany them in the processes of continuous integration, with DevOps services and Kubernetes system orchestration.