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I have worked with many IT teams in my career. Aplyca's is exceptional. They have an amazing team.

Nayibe González IT Director, (Bogotá, Colombia)

The Client

Cine Colombia is the largest film distribution and exhibition company in the country. It has nearly 50 multiplexes, about 340 screens and more than 65,000 seats distributed in 15 cities.

The company was founded in 1927 and today it's a leader in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, as well as a reference in the projection of alternative content.

The Challenge

Develop a web platform that provides autonomy for content generation and a robust transactional engine, tailored to the needs of the largest film distribution company in Colombia.

This challenge became even greater, not only due to the restrictions imposed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but also due to Cine Colombia's plan to reopen its doors under a business scheme focused on the digital channel.

The company found in Aplyca the ideal strategic ally for this project, thanks to our experience in modern web development, content management, high-traffic sites and the construction of digital experiences at different points of contact with the public.

The Solution

Aplyca proposed a digital experience that ranges from consultation and purchase, to the consumption of Cine Colombia's products and services. It is a solution from start to finish. In this scenario, we proposed the following:

  • Renew the site infrastructure and move it to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Set up and manage the web portal on the Ibexa DXP 3.3 content manager.

  • Develop the electronic ticket (QR code) and the application that reads and manages that code.

  • Facilitate the electronic invoicing process, in accordance with tax obligations.

  • Delivery of a portal with responsive design that is capable of replacing the mobile application.

  • Implementation of Symfony and PHP language, to facilitate the development and allow the scalability of the model.

  • AWS Quicksight integration, to have business dashboards and make strategic decisions.

Technologies Involved

  • Digital Experience Platform technologies with Ibexa DXP 3.3 for content management.

  • Backend technologies with Symfony that promote business scalability.

  • Ecommerce microservices through Syllius, a Headless platform that integrates with the CMS.

  • Amazon Web Services and its DynamoDB database service, which enhances the storage and performance of the site.

The Results

We helped Cine Colombia in its goal of bringing the digital experience to all its points of contact.

This is possible thanks to the delivery of a transactional portal that simplifies the acquisition and consumption of its products and services. Users are provided with a fluid design that gives them a rich and innovative shopping experience.

In addition, we provided them with tools so that they are able to feed their content with total autonomy.

Cine Colombia has a platform created with the latest development and infrastructure standards. It is designed in such a way that it provides a renewed user experience and allows them to evolve it to grow their business.

After the implementation, Cine Colombia went from selling 5% to selling 30% through digital channels, 1 million tickets per month, 160 transactions per second.

Aplyca worked with a team of 20 professionals, including the account manager, the project manager, the front and back leaders, the IT leader, and a UX/UI design team.