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Cine Colombia Theatre

"He trabajado con muchos equipos IT en mi carrera. El de Aplyca es excepcional. Tienen un equipo de lujo."  Nayibe González - Directora TI de Cine Colombia 

"El compromiso del equipo es muy alto y el resultado ha sido muy satisfactorio. Muy buen trabajo"  Felipe Zea - Director de Proyectos Especiales de Colombia

"Esta es una muestra del poder de los sistemas DXP. Es ejemplo de portales transaccionales modernos, construidos para sobresalir en el presente y transformarse a futuro".  Felipe Jaramillo – CEO y fundador de Aplyca 

The Client

Cine Colombia es the Largest theatre and movie distributor in Colombia, it was founded in the era of silent movies in 1927 in Medellín, the country’s second largest city. The chain is now owned by Grupo Santo Domingo, one of the largest conglomerates in the Americas. Cine Colombia is present in 13 cities and has 46 multiplexes, 313 screens and around 60,000 seats. In 2019, before the pandemic struck, Cine Colombia reached a record spectator total of 30 million.

The Challenge

  • Improve the digital experience with an optimized purchasing process.
  • Replace a white-label mobile app with a responsive web application.
  • Automate showtime synchronization with internal systems across 46 theatres.
  • Reduce editorial efforts and speed up turnaround times to effectively manage web content.
  • Increase the digital sales channel share of ticket transactions.


The technical collaborator on this project, Aplyca, is one of Ibexa’s most experienced partners, and one of the most active in the Americas.

Cine Colombia needed a platform that was resilient and robust, yet able to transparently consume a great number of microservices via API calls and without putting undue stress on its systems.

Ibexa DXP functions as a lean core platform that orchestrates the interplay of third-party software for payments, ticket validation, food orders, invoicing, reporting, seating reservations and more. Content workflows have been automated to such an extent that a single person can manage the entire site for 46 cinema complexes. The Cine Colombia web manager had no previous CMS experience; today, he oversees content for a rich, multi-faceted and intuitive site.


  • Decision is made to merge two channels and create one site on Ibexa DXP.
  • A new user experience is created by reimagining the user interactions through a single, user-friendly platform.
  • Multiple mission-critical systems were integrated in Ibexa DXP such as scheduling, identity management, seating, ticket validation, multiple payment engines, reporting, and invoicing services.
  • The system was designed to ensure resilience across all service integrations.
  • Food purchases were added to ticket sales for the first time.

Technologies involved:

  • Digital Experience Platform technologies with Ibexa DXP 3.3 for content management.
  • Backend technologies with Simphony that promote business scalability.
  • Ecommerce microservices through Syllius, a Headless platform that integrates with the CMS.
  • Amazon Web Services and its DynamoDB database service, which enhances the storage and performance of the site.


  • Huge increase in digital sales, rising from 15% to 30% as a share of total sales.
  • New site is stable, even in traffic spikes for popular releases.
  • Content can be managed by a single person.
  • Cinemas can amend their schedules which are synchronized automatically with the showtime engine.
  • Site is showing great customer satisfaction and has processed over 1 million tickets in the first three months since launch.