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Aplyca accelerates the adoption of new web technologies and development processes. Aplyca builds and supports cutting-edge applications. Specialists in two key areas ­– agile software development and high-performance infrastructure – we leverage both to support the digital transformation of your clients

What fantastic partner's Aplyca is! We've been thrilled to work with them on a few projects, including a very complex and sophisticated custom open-source digital asset management platform with autoscaling cloud-based backend! These guys are legit!

NATE PARSONS: Chief Strategy Officer, ParsonsTKO (Washington, DC)


Innovation, continuous integrations, customized development and content management for corporate portals.

DxP - Digital Experience Platform

Digital Experience Platform implementation including content, e-commerce, identity and personalization solutions.

CMS - Content Management

Implementation, management and support for flexible and safe CMS for large-scale and mission-critical portals.

Web Apps

Web application design, API platforms, software improvement and optimization of user web experiences.


We develop powerful, scalable and easily maintainable microservices to extend functionality of common platforms.



Successfully delivering fully functional and operational cloud solutions for more than 10 years.

Web Operations

Development productivity, optimization, acceleration, security, and updates.

Cloud Operations

Migration, Cloud Native and Hybrid Cloud Architecture, managed services for complex applications.

DevOps and Automation

Innovation, collaboration and automation of complex processes for IT infrastructures in the cloud.

Partner networks

We work with top DxP and cloud infrastructure vendors providing solid tools as part of our projects:


Cloud Native Infrastructure