Learn about eZ Publish CMS, the leading Commercial Open Source project for demanding web solutions.

eZ Publish support and maintenance

eZ Publish Premium combines the freedom of Open Source with the guarantees and security of an enterprise software vendor. It bundles the leading Open Source CMS eZ Publish with support and maintenance from eZ. You get the ability to open support tickets for issues, have eZ monitor the health of your installation and automatic eZ updates.

What is eZ Publish

eZ Publish CMS

eZ Publish is an Open Source Content Management System chosen by thousands of enterprises and organizations worldwide. It helps you build corporate websites, intranets, web shops and media portals.

Top media multi-nationals, medium-sized business, large and small government agencies, humanitarian organizations and educational institutions — thousands of organizations you encounter in daily life -- choose eZ Publish as their preferred platform for managing and publishing digital content.

What has made eZ Publish such an attractive choice for building powerful, next-generation Web sites?

eZ Publish Silver Partner

A combination of factors make it the top Open Source choice for enterprise-grade CMS software:

  • Extraordinary functionality matched to common business requirements
  • Technical framework with an unparalleled capacity for customization and extension (the flexible core content engine)
  • Enterprise Open Source business model that combines all the value of Open Source software (cost, time to market and transparency) with the assurance of premium services for critical projects.

Aplyca has been developing eZ Publish portals for more than five years and has a strong team of developers focusing on industry-based solutions.

Aplyca's eZ Publish highlights More than 5 years of enterprise CMS expertise

Over 30 eZ publish projects

More than 30 eZ publish projects

eZ Awards Nominee

Two nominations for eZ Project of the Year: 2010, 2007

eZ Publish Certified Developer

Five certified eZ developers in our core team in Bogotá, Colombia. This includes engineers who have completed Certified eZ Developer and Certified Extension Developer courses.

Migrated more than two million objects

Migration work for more than 2 million objects into eZ Publish.

Oracle logo SAP and eZ publish integration

Integrated eZ Publish portals with enterprise resource planning systems from SAP and Oracle.

Varnish Web Accelerator

The World's fastest web accelerator powers our high-traffic media sites running on eZ Publish. Varnish is an extremely efficient reverse proxy that handles traffic peaks and increases site responsiveness.

Amazon Web Services

Our eZ Publish solutions can use Amazon Web Services, including Amazon EC2 for eZ servers, Amazon S3 for binary file storage and Amazon SQS (Simple Queuing Service) for batch processes.

Learn more about some of eZ Publish main extensions:
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