Monetize user access to content

Built by Aplyca in partnership with a real newspaper, this solution is based on the award-winning eZ Publish CMS and can be implemented in new or existing eZ publish CMS sites (v. 4.0 and up).

This solution supports two options: on-demand access on a one-by-one basis through credits, or subscription-based access for entire areas:

Paid Content Sell credits for content access

Publisher defines:

  • Value for each credit (supports multiple currencies)
  • Prices for specialized content

Users can:

  • Add account credits using various payment methods (credit cards, Paypal, etc)
  • Purchase paid content by redeeming credits (micropayment)
  • View or download purchased content instantly.

Subscriptions Control access to content areas

  • Define subscription characteristics, such as cost and duration
  • Determine mix of free and paid access on a content-level basis
  • Create teaser content for free users and search engines
  • Accept payments using various payment methods (credit cards, Paypal, etc);
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