The annual eZ Conference is among the top Open Source Content Management events in Europe. The seventh edition of the conference took place in Paris from the 24th to the 26th of June. The event also celebrated 10 years of eZ Systems, an award-winning Enterprise Content Management System.

Website optimization for conversion Aplyca CEO’s talk on increasing conversions

Felipe Jaramillo Fonnegra, Aplyca founder and CEO, was invited by eZ Systems for a talk on Web Optimization for Conversion - Using Optimization techniques in eZ Publish. The talk was also the formal announcement of Aplyca's new Google Website Optimizer Extension. It allows any eZ publish site to run tests on titles, banners, site colors, menu option and content variations. Google Website Optimizer tests run the variations on a subset of users and provide a statistical report of the results.

Optimization for publishers Testing to increase results in magazine and newspaper sites  

eZ Publish - Content Management Track - Conference picture

Website optimization requires larger samples (site visitors) and time as more complicated tests are used. That is why online publishers are a prime candidate to start testing aggressively. ¨After a week of testing, we could establish a way to increase our conversion to subscription by 47 percent,¨ says a source from Reader's Digest. 

The final word Design and UI decisions based on facts

Website optimization helps support decisions based on actual user preferences. A look at the design changes in famous sites such as Amazon or Apple  shows a more gradual approach to design changes that are surely based in solid optimization practices. Even though the tools for A/B and multivariate optimization make it easier, faster and more sophisticated to gauge user preference, the significance of measuring and  testing remains as important as it was when summarized by Claude C. Hopkins in his 1927 book Scientific Advertising: ¨Let the thousands decide what the millions will do  ¨.

eZ Conference Coverage

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