Unimicro: Wordpress to eZ Publish

(Bogota, Colombia) -- When European software developer Unimicro outgrew its WordPress-based customer support site, Aplyca handled the data migration that smoothly transitioned the site to eZ Publish.
One of Latin America’s leading digital solutions companies, Aplyca drew on more than five years of data migration experience to help Unimicro make the changes seamlessly.
The Norway-based Unimicro creates software for administrative tasks for small- and medium-sized businesses. It small business accounting software was named best in its field in 2010 by PC Magazine.
"Data migration is a a crucial step in CMS development. We enjoyed working with Unimicro - one of Europe’s foremost business software creators supporting small business - take the next step in moving to the enterprise eZ publish” said Aplyca founder Felipe Jaramillo Fonnegra.
Aplyca specializes in digital solutions for large-scale business portals that enhance revenue opportunities, increase editorial efficiency and provide unprecedented flexibility and content management. Its enterprise solutions are based on the same applications used by Vogue, National Geographic, Schibsted, Elle and many other top publications.

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