Neustar: Number Porting solution with eZ

Telecom giant dials up Aplyca for customized portal

(Bogota, Colombia) -- Number porting, the technical term for keeping your telephone number when switching carriers is now easier in the United States thanks to a new web solution released by telecommunications powerhouse Neustar Inc. (NYSE: NSR).

Aplyca worked with its Virginia based partners Pivotal Internet Technology to build an easy number-porting solutions for telephone carriers of all sizes.

The customized portal application, based on the eZ Publish Framework and Content Management System, handles registration, account management and payment, interacting seamlessly with Neustar’s enterprise systems.

“Because eZ Publish has a strong web development framework, we were able to get right to work building a customized PHP application that was fast, efficient and sturdy enough for Neustar’s high-volume needs,” Aplyca founder Felipe Jaramillo Fonnegra said.

The Aplyca-built portal is being used by telecommunication carriers of all sizes, ranging from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to smaller, local carriers throughout the United States.

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