When Computer Shopper magazine ended its 30 years of print publishing, Aplyca provided the content management system powering the monthly magazine’s transition to digital. In an article published on the news and media portal Paid Content, Computer Shopper announced the February 2009 issue would be its last printed issue, as well as the start of a new era for the magazine on the web.

Printed Issue of Computer Shopper Magazine

This month marks the third anniversary of the magazine’s acquisition from CNET Networks, with related assets, in February 2006 by the privately held company formed by David Sills and Barry Schwimmer. But the monthly magazine is roughly as old as personal computing. It was founded in 1980 and at times felt heavier than multiple phonebooks, providing hours of reading for the computer geeks among us.

The article also compares this move to others in the tech magazine business, such as PC Magazine's move to focus online. With ComputerShopper.com as its core, SX2 Media Labs is building a next-generation platform targeting passionate enthusiasts.

The Right CMS Platform How Aplyca and eZ Systems power the popular site

In the last quarter of 2008, Aplyca launched a new content management system for Computer Shopper, based on eZ Publish CMS. Even thought the solution covered an editorial system for both print and web, the strong feature set ensured a smooth transition to the web-only publishing model.

We have implemented a new content management system that allows us to minimize the time between initial receipt of products and the posting of reviews. This has enabled us to be the first to the Net with many new product reviews.

Josh London, General Manager. SX2 Media Labs

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